Flower Cat Tree

460.00 AED

Our Flower Cat Tree will transport you into a world of feline whimsy where your cat’s adventures and dreams intertwine!




Enjoy climbing, hiding, and playing with our Flower Cat Tree captivating world of delight for your feline companion! Your cat will enjoy lounge time, observation time, and nap time in stylish comfort with its vibrant petals and cozy perches. The joy of feline exploration meets nature’s beauty in this unique piece of furniture. Your beloved pet will enjoy both a colorful and functional wonderland with this sturdy, feature-rich tree.



Assembly and Installation

All necessary tools are included with simple and easy-to-follow assembly instructions. Ensures your cat's safety while playing and sleeping with a sturdy and secure installation.

Design and Structure

Its unique flower-inspired design mimics nature's beauty and provides an aesthetic appeal. A sturdy structure with a variety of levels, perches, and scratching posts that cater to the needs of all types of cats.

Dimensions and Size

Space-saving and compact design, perfect for apartments, homes, and small spaces.
Length: 37 cm
Width: 50 cm
Height: 55 cm

It’s Popular Among Pet Owners Because

Inviting feline friends into playful exploration, it is popular among pet owners. Adding elegance to any living space with the vibrant flower design and cozy perches will capture the hearts of both pets and their owners. As a delightful blend of aesthetics and functionality, it’s the perfect choice for modern cat enthusiasts. Furry companions will enjoy climbing, lounging, and frolicking on this Flower Cat Tree, elevating the daily lives of furry companions.