Flower Cat Tree with Mushroom

450.00 AED

Transform your cat’s fantasies into reality with our Flower Cat Tree featuring a whimsical mushroom magical place where playtime blooms!




Enjoy a fairy tale adventure topped off by a charming mushroom retreat – a haven for your cat’s fanciful dreams! A fantastical woodland setting surrounds this enchanting pet oasis, inviting your feline to climb, nap, and play amidst the allure of nature and modern aesthetics. The mushroom-shaped hideaway gives your cat a cozy place to curl up and plan their next adventure. This unique cat tree offers a fanciful wonderland where your pet’s imagination can flourish.



Assembly and Installation

The assembly instructions are straightforward and include all the necessary tools, so you can set up the unit without any hassle. Providing safe playtime and lounging for your cat.

Design and Structure

The design evokes a magical woodland atmosphere through its flower-inspired theme and mushroom hideaway. The mushroom-shaped retreat offers multiple levels, perches, scratching posts, and a sturdy structure.

Dimensions and Size

This product provides ample room for climbing and lounging for single or multi-cat households.
Length: 40 cm
Width: 40 cm
Height: 90 cm

Pet Owners Like It Because

It gives pet owners the chance to see their beloved cats exploring a magical woodland from the comfort of their own homes. They enhance their living spaces with a whimsical mushroom hideaway and vibrant flower accents. Providing a cozy retreat and a playful paradise, it fosters a deeper bond between humans and pets. It’s not just furniture—it’s a doorway to a captivating realm where every cat can be the hero.