Cat Shrimp Toy

99.00 AED

Purr-perfectly delightful, our irresistible Cat Shrimp Toy is a great companion for your feline adventurer!




Our Cat Shrimp Toy is an ocean of fun in a cute, compact form; it’s sure to bring out your cat’s lively side. Premium catnip makes this an instant hit with kitties, inspiring hours of joyful rolling, pouncing, and general mischief. The toy’s realism and fascination with oceanic play will turn your cat into a champion shrimp chaser in no time. Enjoy the sea in the comfort of your living room with this swatting and chasing game.




Playing with the Cat Shrimp Toy is gentle and secure thanks to the soft, non-toxic plush fabric. Your cat will enjoy long-lasting entertainment with this soft yet durable cat toy.

Realistic Design

With a Cat Shrimp Toy so realistic, your cat will think it's straight from the ocean! Its lifelike design, complete with vibrant colors and intricate details, will make your feline friend eager to pounce and hunt.

Size and Weight

A lightweight, mid-air acrobatic cat toy, perfect for chasing around the house and mid-air acrobatics! The perfect toy for endless feline fun, designed for easy swatting, tossing, and carrying.

Texture and Sensory Features

Indulge your cat's senses with the Cat Shrimp Toy – a delightful blend of textures for the ultimate tactile adventure! From soft plush to engaging surfaces, it's a sensational journey of touch, grip, and play, satisfying your feline's curiosity one paw at a time.


This adorable cat toy is rugged enough to endure even your wildest playtime adventures! Featuring reinforced stitching and tear-resistant material, this shrimp stands up to claws and keeps the fun going.

Interactive Play

With the Cat Shrimp Toy, playtime becomes a thrilling interactive dance as your cat pounces, chases, and frolics! You can entice your cat into a world of playful companionship and shared joy through engaging games of fetch.

Safety and Compliance

The Cat Shrimp Toy meets stringent international standards, ensuring worry-free play for your cat. It gives you peace of mind knowing that this toy prioritizes your pet's safety.

Why Pet Owners Choose This Product

The plush fabric is non-toxic, so it’s safe and secure for your cat to play with. Featuring vibrant colors and intricate details, the realistic design stimulates cats’ natural hunting instincts, making it ideal to toss, swat, and carry. The Cat Shrimp Toy has reinforced stitching and durable materials, so it can endure even the most energetic play sessions. Additionally, pet owners appreciate our toys’ safety and compliance with international standards, providing them with peace of mind.