Tweed Harness Set

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This set features a classic tweed design with a modern twist, including a durable harness with adjustable straps for the perfect fit, a matching leash with a soft, hand-friendly grip, and a dapper bow tie to complete the ensemble. The elegant rose gold hardware on the leash and harness adds a luxurious touch to your pet’s daily outings. Ideal for fashion-forward pets and owners, this set combines impeccable style with comfort and practicality. Whether it’s a stroll in the park or a chic pet gathering, our Tweed Harness Set will have your furry friend turning heads and wagging tails.

Please ensure you measure your puppy correctly before ordering to guarantee the right size.




The Tweed Harness Set is expertly crafted from high-quality fabric. Soft to the touch yet strong enough to withstand daily use, the material provides a comfortable fit for your pet without sacrificing style. Resistant to wear and tear, the tweed maintains its classic look, ensuring your pet’s ensemble stays looking sharp over time.

Length and Size

Size XS:

Harness – ribbon: 20 mm, neck: 29-36 cm, chest: 36-48 cm

Collar – 1.5 cm * 22-30 cm

Leash – 2 cm * 152 cm

Bow Tie – 6 cm * 9 cm

Poop Bag – 8 cm * 5 cm * 5 cm

Size S:

Harness – ribbon: 20 mm, neck: 35-44 cm, chest: 41-54 cm

Collar – 1.5 cm * 28-43 cm

Leash – 2 cm * 152 cm

Bow Tie – 6 cm * 9 cm

Poop Bag – 8 cm * 5 cm * 5 cm


Clasp and Attachment

Each piece of the set features secure rose gold clasps that not only add an element of elegance but also ensure a reliable connection to keep your pet safe. Easy to fasten and release, these clasps and attachments combine functionality with a sleek design, making it simple to keep your pet secure on every adventure.